Sara Lattanzio

B2B Marketing leader
Content marketer & creator

Hey you! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet.
You probably know me from LinkedIn and are curious about who I am, what I do and how I collaborate with awesome B2B brands. Here are all the answers 🔮!

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Expertise 🧠

Have you ever come across the term T-shaped marketer?
It perfectly describes who I am.
It's a concept used to illustrate a marketer with a broad and solid understanding across the entire marketing landscape, who also possesses deep expertise in a specific area —
a specialized generalist if you will. 🦄

For me, that area of deep expertise is content marketing.
ChatGPT and AI-driven content and the continuous shifts in SEO and social media algorithms, have radically transformed content marketing over the past year.
It's now requires a multi-channel, data-driven, and process-oriented approach. This is what I excel at. 🏆
My journey in content marketing began with a personal blog that attracted 130,000 followers when I was still a teenager, at a time when the term content marketing wasn't even a thing. Fast forward to today, I have empowered dozens of B2B companies to acquire clients and seal deals through effective content marketing strategies. 🚀

From SEO to LinkedIn, my main strength isn't just in creating quality content for these channels but building content systems that operate (almost) on autopilot.
Additionally, I've grown my LinkedIn following to over 35,000 people, sharing my strategies, experiences, and — I'm not ashamed to admit it — unpopular opinions. 😈

about sara 👋🏻

I've got almost a decade of B2B marketing experience under my belt (feels like a lifetime, huh?).
My journey has taken me from one of the most innovative tech companies around, Tesla, to leading IT service providers in Switzerland, Zühlke, and Adnovum, and into the dynamic world of an adTech startup.
But wait, there's more! 😮
3 years ago, I started sharing my insights on LinkedIn. This led to freelance advisory gigs, invitations to countless podcasts, and collaborations with some amazing brands. Earlier this year, I was named a LinkedIn Top Voice and found myself among Switzerland's top 20 LinkedIn influencers, thanks to Favikon.

Today, I'm leading Marketing efforts at Stryber, an international corporate venture builder. 🚀
Two mantras guide everything I do: "If you're the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room." and "Quality over quantity."I'm originally from Rome and have chosen Zurich as my home base. Mornings without coffee are a worst-case-scenario for me and I'll always jump at the chance for a trip to Asia.

Work with me 💼

Right now, there are mainly two ways to collaborate with me, but I'm always open to hearing about new, exciting projects:1️⃣ Sponsored LinkedIn posts
I've partnered with innovative companies like Semrush, Bynder, and Nordpass to reach a dedicated audience of marketing leaders and B2B professionals. I create and share this content directly with my 35,000+ followers on LinkedIn.
2️⃣ Speaking engagements
I'm available to speak at conferences, appear on podcasts, or conduct workshops centered around content marketing, B2B marketing, and personal branding. Sharing my expertise and engaging with audiences is something I truly enjoy.
3️⃣ Everything else
While maintaining my focus on my role as Head of Marketing at Stryber, I'm always open to talk about exciting side projects.
Interested in discussing rates or a potential project?
Feel free to reach out to me at or send a DM on LinkedIn.